Nicole Kidman peed on Zac Efron: “I just ran over

Have you heard that Nicole Kidman decided to make number one on Zac Efron a while ago …? Yes, it’s crazy! The Australian actress is featured in the upcoming movie The Paperboy, in which she plays opposite Matthew McConaughey , Zac Efron and John Cusack . We can not wait until it comes – not just because of all the hotties who are with – but also to Nicole peed on Zac on the set!

Nicole’s character Charlotte urinating on Zac’s nature to relieve the pain from a jellyfish. But what you may not know before was that whole scene was for real – AND SHE ACTUALLY peed on HIM! “Kiss The thing I was not so strange because I played a role,” said Nic in a new interview. “All that was completely logical to me., I just drove on and did not think much of it,” she continued. OMG, to pee on the world’s hottest guy? There we had thought very much.

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